How to pull off minimal make-up on your wedding day

How to pull off minimal make-up on your wedding day

We all know that minimal make-up has been one of the biggest beauty trends this year, and it’s sure to carry over into 2018. We’re showing you how to pull off the perfect bare (almost) face on your wedding day.


Undeniably, the biggest component for pulling off a minimalistic appearance is healthy skin. Start with a solid skincare routine well in advance by consulting an expert – this will include serums and treatments galore. However, all your efforts will be useless if you don’t feed your skin from the inside too. Eat clean, cut out sugars and gulp down water to keep your skin hydrated. Not only will you feel light and energized, but your skin will reflect that by showing off your natural glow. And don’t forget to wear sunscreen or, better yet, stay out of the sun to avoid nasty sunburns and long-term damage.


When it comes to choosing your colours, know what works for your skin tone and type. You don’t want to look like a completely different person on your wedding day. Instead, enhance your features and keep it simple. Think highlighted cheekbones, bronzed temples, rosy cheeks and groomed brows. Add a lipstick close to your natural lip colour and avoid piling on the foundation – only conceal where necessary.


Apply your make-up with tools that will enhance dewiness and achieve a flawless application. Always start with a clean canvas and make sure to moisturise before anything else. Applying make-up with brushes and sponges that can allow you to build and blend will ensure your look to be effortless. That said, make sure your brushes and tools are clean and free from previous make-up applications.


Match your make-up to your dress colour, your veil (if you’re wearing one) and the overall feel of your wedding. For example, do a bare face with a burgundy lip if you’re having maroon peonies as your flowers. Or do a nude lip and highlighted or bronzed features with an ivory dress. We also love a super low-key look with statement earrings for a subtle yet striking take.


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