The latest wedding trend: Touch-up stations

The latest wedding trend: Touch-up stations

It might sound unnecessary, or even a little vain but we’re not here to judge. All we know is, touch-up stations are becoming a thing! A touch up beauty station is a great idea for a bridal party that wants to have all the fun but still be photo ready at a moment’s notice.

Touch-up stations are literally just that: stations set up at your wedding venue for any necessary make-up touch-ups.

Depending on the wedding venue, it can be set up in the bathrooms or a neutral space. There are a few options you can consider:

You can easily (and cheaply) just create a private corner by a mirror for everyone who wants to bring their necessities and leave it there for the day.

You can also dedicate a whole pop-up stand or mobile home and supply all the items yourself.


There are even companies who rent out mobile beauty bars and can send you stylists who are ready for the quick touch-up or the emergency sewing kit.

Here are some essentials your station should include:

– Tissues
– Cotton wool
– Ear buds
– Make-up remover
– Lip balm (get one that uses finger application for hygiene reasons)
– Mascara
– Hair comb (add a cleaning product for guests to clean it after use)
– Hairspray
– Anti-perspirant
– Tampons/sanitary pads
– Needles and thread
– Hand lotion


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