Maid of honour tries to stop wedding

Maid of honour tries to stop wedding

Your maid of honour is usually your best fried and you trust her with everything regarding your big day. She is the one who’s got your back. This maid of honour fulfilled her role perfectly, but some might say she didn’t exactly approach it in the best way. She noticed that her friend’s new boyfriend acted suspiciously when they first started dating. The first red flag was when she realised he lied to her friend about the price of the ring.

On the night, the groom-to-be decided to pop the question with a ring that still had the price tag of $599 (R8 870) on it. Fortunately, the best friend stopped him and they took the price tag off before the bride-to-be saw it, however, the best friend later found out that he had told his then-fiancée that he had bought the ring for $12,000 (R177 798).

In a Reddit thread, the maid of honour explains how the groom then started telling outrageous stories about his life, which, according to her, seemed too outlandish to be true. He also did some suspicious things and had a history that raised red flags. For instance, he told the maid of honour and her partner that he was a millionaire but lost everything when he got divorced. He also said he used drugs with his ex-wife to try and bring her back from her addiction. The ex-wife, he said, abused him.

Then, the maid of honour was becoming more suspicious and ran a background check on him and found that he kept changing his last name. He had been married three times before and took his ex-wives’ last names. To top that, he had an active aggravated domestic violence case, and a restraining order against him which was granted right before he met the bride.

When the best friend told the bride-to-be about her findings and concerns, she said she knew about his previous marriages but dismissed all the other concerns saying: “It’s not like that, he had a hard life and he loves me.”

The maid of honour decided not to be part of the wedding as she didn’t approve of the marriage and knew that her friend was landing herself in a compromising position with this man.

But shortly before the wedding, the bride phoned her and begged her to be there. The maid of honour, wanting to protect her friend,  then decided to attend the wedding with a sign that read: “As your best friend, I OBJECT! You deserve better! Done with love xoxoxox,” taped to the back of her shirt.

However, despite all the maid of honour’s efforts, the wedding went ahead. Regretting nothing about her objection, the maid of honour is no longer on speaking terms with her best friend. She said that even though she was sad, she has moved on.

If you do disagree with your best friend’s choice to marry a person, the right thing to do is to gently warn her like this maid of honour did. Make sure you have your facts straight, though.

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