A guide to groom cakes

A guide to groom cakes

As with many practices surrounding weddings, the groom cake comes from deeply rooted traditions. Beginning in the late 19th century in England this form of cake gained popularity across the world quite quickly.

It started as a result of perceptions that the traditional wedding cake appeared much too feminine for the groom. As such, a special confectionary treat was made for the man. It was often a liquor-infused fruit cake.

At the time the tradition started, a legend formed. The story goes that single women would take a piece of this cake home and put it under her pillow as she slept, in the hopes of dreaming about her future groom. Sleeping on a slice of cake doesn’t seem too appealing, but hey, perhaps it’s worth it for a glimpse into the coming years.

These days the groom cake serves as a gift to the groom from his partner. They should have the cake made especially for him, ensuring that it incorporates his personality, interests, and favourite flavours. At the end of the wedding, the cake is cut up, boxed, and given to guests to take home.

If you’re planning on getting your groom a special cake, here is some inspiration:

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