Lucky wedding symbols around the world

Lucky wedding symbols around the world

For those who are superstitious, wedding days call for traditions that bring good luck. Some people believe that there are certain items and occurrences that symbolise good luck too.

Whether you agree with them or not, it remains interesting to know and learn about. And lets be honest, a little extra good luck never hurt any body.

Here are some symbols of good luck (and items that bring good luck) from around the world:

– Rain 

Most people hope and pray for no rain on their wedding day. The rain is a huge inconvenience in terms of wedding photos and outdoor ceremonies. However, many cultures around the world believe that rain on the day of your wedding is a good omen. It is said that the rain beings fertility for the couple and washes away all the things they want to leave behind as they move into their new lives together.

– Sugar Cubes 

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In Greek Culture, many believe that carrying a sugar cube means your marriages will be sweet as sugar. In the past, brides would carry the cube in one of their gloves. With the fading out of the bridal glove, some brides have begun popping the sugar cube in their bouquets.

– Fire crackers 

The Chinese believe that fire crackers ward off evil spirits and ensure that the newly weds and their marriage are protected. For this reason, post-ceremony firecrackers are a common occurrence for those who are superstitious.

– Spiders 

Many people are afraid of spiders, but in Britain they believe that finding one in your wedding dress is a sign of good luck for the bride.

– Cranes

In some parts of Asia, brides have cranes embroidered onto their dresses. Crane are said to symbolise fidelity and a long marriage.

– Lillies 

In Holland they believe that lillies of the valley are symbols of love. For this reason, the couple plants lillies close to or around their home.

– Swords

Swords are a symbol of harmony and strength in Cambodia. Carrying a sword to the alter ensures that the marriage is blessed.

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