Joburg man wants to gift wedding to couple in need

Joburg man wants to gift wedding to couple in need

Having to cancel your wedding is a sad feat. A Johannesburg man, however, is not letting it get the best of him. Rather, it has brought out the kinder side of him.

Matthew Boshoff from Johannesburg has unfortunately had to cancel his wedding due to unforeseen circumstances. After contacting his wedding venue to cancel his package, he found out they would not give him a refund.

Instead of letting this annoy him, he has decided to make the best of it through an act of kindness. Now, he hopes to find a couple in need to gift his wedding package to, according to Jacaranda FM.

Taking to Facebook to find a couple to spread the love to, Boshoff wrote, “Hello Facebook peeps, I need your help. Due to unforeseen circumstance, I have to cancel my wedding. The venue will not give me a refund but I have spoken to them about gifting my package away and they are ok with this. So, I am looking for a couple who is planning on getting married and maybe struggling a bit financially. I would like to help them with their special day by giving away my full package at no extra cost.”

The package, from Makiti Wedding Venue, includes several things like:

– 60 people

– The venue hire

– The catering (starter, main and dessert) the options can be changed to cater to your needs. (The cake will still be required on your side)

– Makiti’s beautiful outside chapel by the river

– Starter drinks for after the ceremony (these can be changed as well)

– Open bar afterwards

– A corkage fee has been paid for 16 wine bottles, this amount may change depending on your wine selection.

– All the decor already paid for; floral, vases, cutlery, cake stand etc. If you would like your own decor you can liaison with the decor lady and change as you please.

A professional photographer

Boshoff said that this is essentially a full package, which excludes only the cake and a pastor. The chosen couple will have to pick a date that falls between a Monday and a Thursday, exclusive of public holidays.

“You are able to change any and all options as you please and any extra costs will have to be covered by you,” he added.

“Please share this far and wide so I can find an appropriate couple to give this away to,” he urged.

If you think you know of a couple deserving of this treat, or if you think that couple is you, email Matthew directly to [email protected].

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