How to rescue your hair from (too much) festive fun

How to rescue your hair from (too much) festive fun

It’s all fun and games until your hair starts paying for it. To help whip summer-stressed hair back into a healthier shape and prevent any further damage from occurring, we need to take a more gentle approach. Here’s how:

Recovery mode

One of the first, most effective treatments to repair sun-damaged hair, is with a hot oil treatment. And better yet, you can do it at home without spending a cent. Mix half a cup of olive oil with two vitamin E capsules and heat up in the microwave for no more than 10 seconds. Then, work the mixture through from the ends upward and leave for about an hour, then shampoo and condition as normal. However, if the damage is particularly bad, it might be time to schedule a trim to get rid of dead ends, prevent split ends from progressing, and stimulate new, healthy growth.

Repair damage

While a long dip on a hot day is total bliss, your hair won’t agree. Chlorinated water in swimming pools exposes your hair to harmful chemicals, sea water contributes to dryness, along with the sun being a constant, too. After a swim, always rinse hair thoroughly to keep damage to a minimum, then follow up with a replenishing hair routine. The Wella Fusion range offers exactly that –  a hair recovery range that instantly helps to repair damaged hair and make it more resilient. Not only does it remove impurities, it also penetrates the hair follicle to leave it smoother and more elastic. Did we mention it’s suitable for colour-treated hair, too? Check.
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Prevent and protect

Avoid overwashing and, with that, stripping precious oils from your hair by choosing your products carefully. We know that amped up heat means extra sweat, sunscreen and product build-up, which inevitably feeds the need for extra shampoos on top of your normal routine. When hair is already in a compromised state, focus on putting back, rather than stripping away. Opt for light moisture mists with UV and pollution filters, deep treatment masks once a week combined with lighter conditioners for in-between, and shampoos specifically for your hair type to avoid weighing your locks down or having to wash too often. Oh, and a hat too, for good measure!

Rethink styling

With extra humidity in the air, it’s pointless to try and boost volume or force hair into a perfect style if it’s just going to fall flat anyway. Instead, embrace your natural texture and work with that instead. Reach for a curl cream if you want to tone down frizz on naturally curly hair, a salt spray to add effortless texture to straighter styles, or a finishing oil to boost shine and add extra moisture. This will also avoid unnecessary heat and styling damage, preventing further wear and tear.

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