How to pick your bridal bouquet

How to pick your bridal bouquet

While it seems like a minor detail, the bridal bouquet is no small task. Flowers seem more simple than they truly are, and picking the perfect set of blooms becomes complicated.

You have to ensure that it matches and suits your wedding gown, it should fit the atomosphere in general, and all of this needs to be done on a budget. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, worry not. You’re not alone!

Here are some tips to help you pick your bridal bouquet:

– Dress first

Since your flowers need to match your dress, having a picture of the dress before you begin your flower shopping will ensure the best possible results. The dress will affect what size, shape and type of bouquet a florist will suggest. Picking your dress first makes this a much easier task. Additionally, you wouldn’t want to be stuck choosing your dress based on the flowers you chose!

– Think about size and shape 

If your dress is small, a big bouquet with large blossoms will drown out your dress and may even make it look disproportionate. Ensure that you’re opting for the correct size and shape! If you aren’t certain about what the right dimensions are, don’t be afraid to ask your florist, they are happy to assist.

– Research 

Add some images to your Pinterest board, find out the names of the flowers you like the most, and read up on which flowers are in season. If you approach a florist with all of this information, they’ll have a much better idea of what you want and what options are on the table.  They can make suggestions based on the information you have provided.

– Consider your wedding itself 

You want to ensure that the bouquet fits the occasion. It may look a bit confusing if your wedding is very formal and black-tie, but you’ve opted for a more boho-style bouquet.

– Budget

Before you go anywhere or talk to any florists, set your budget. A budget helps you narrow down the list of options, and also ensures you don’t get attached to something you actually can’t have.

– Comfort

This one is important and many often forget to take it into consideration. You’ll be carrying the bouquet all day long. Don’t choose flowers that may be awkward to carry.

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