Lookbook: A midsummer night's dream

Lookbook: A midsummer night’s dream

As night falls, the forest becomes a scene of drama and mystery, complemented by plush fabrics and rustic details. Scroll through our magical lookbook for all your forest-themed wedding inspiration.

From left: Brass candleholders (to hire), Propeller Props; silver candleholders (to hire), Plush Props; tall candleholders, @home; small jug, flask and medium jug (to hire), all Plush Props; tapas bowl and cutlery, both Check My China; dinner plate, side plate, wine glass, tall glass with short stem and short glass with short stem, all Woolworths; linen, Fabric City; velvet runner, Fabric Centre

Rolled menus, Secret Diary; feathers, Epanouir Flower Studio

Cake from, Kanya Hunt from The Hunt House Kitchen; cake stand (to hire), Check My China; velvet fabric, Fabric Centre; crystal wine glass, Woolworths

Plate and spoon (to hire), both Check My China; blueberries, Pick n Pay; bottle, Merrypak; thank-you tag, Secret Diary; glass, Woolworths

Chairs (to hire), Propeller Props; fairy lights and ping-pong balls, both Game

Menu, Secret Diary; feathers, Epanouir Flower Studio

Decor styling: Francoise Jeanne de Villiers
Food styling: Chiara Turilli
Photography: Gareth van Nelson
Venue: D’Aria, Cape Town

*Products all subject to availability

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