Saving money on wedding flowers: tips and tricks

Saving money on wedding flowers: tips and tricks

Flowers have always been an important part of wedding décor, and we assume they will continue as such. From bouquets and boutonnières to centrepieces and decorations, the wedding flowers play a big role in creating an atmosphere.

The only problem is that flowers are quite pricey; they can extensively push up your expenses list. This is the opposite of the goal…right? We all want to save some money and bring that wedding expenses down as low as possible.

Here are a few ways you can save money on your wedding flowers:

– Keep it local and seasonal 

Avoiding importing your flowers will save you big bucks. A local option is definitely the better choice for your budget. A similar principle applies to in-season blossoms. While you probably could find your desired out-of-season flower somewhere, it’ll be way more pricey than picking something in-season. The flowers will be fresher too!

– Go for greens 

Adding some lush leaves and greenery can do wonders for your budget and your floral arrangements. They add a whimsical feel to your decor  and fill up your arrangements in a stylish way, saving you from purchasing large quantities of flowers.

– Bigger blooms 

This one is simple. The bigger the flower, the less you have to buy. Save yourself some cash and opt for a larger or statement bloom.

– Limit yourself to three flowers 

In most cases, a florist will order the flowers in bulk, even if you don’t need too many of a specific one. If you keep the flower variations to three or less, it’ll save you some money because a bulk purchase will be necessary and none will go to waste.

– Mix and match decor elements 

Add tea lights, fairy lights and candles or whatever trimming your heart desires to your venue. Opting for some different decor elements will cut your flower expenses drastically.

– Leave flowers out where you can 

Perhaps you could skip the boutonnieres and corsages. While some people might want to keep them for tradition, they are not a necessity and can be replaced with alternatives if need be.

– Forget a February wedding 

Valentine’s Day pushes up the price of flowers! You’re likely to pay much more than usual for whatever flower you want in February. Best avoid this month to keep the costs down.

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