Wedding gifts all newlyweds will appreciate

Wedding gifts all newlyweds will appreciate

Wedding gifts are the perfect way to help your newlyweds start their lives together on a strong note. If you’re stuck in a gifting rut, rest assured your newlyweds will love these easy gifts.

Quality pots and pans:

Your newlyweds will most likely be doing a lot of cooking together, so its important they have quality pots and pans that will last for a long time. If you’re willing to splash out, this is one gift they will absolutely love.

We love: Artisanal Ceramic Non Stick Pan 24cm from Woolworths – R450

Crockery and glassware:

People gotta eat and drink, right? They might as well do it in style. Depending on the couple’s taste, you can go with wine glasses, gin glasses, whiskey glasses or just good old tumblers for the teetotallers.

We love: Crystal Red Wine Glasses 4 Piece from Woolworths – R260

Home decor:

Now this is a tricky one. Only opt for purchasing furniture or home decor for a couple if you are familiar with their taste and style. You wouldn’t want to gift them with a colourful nick-nack only to discover they prefer the minimalist aesthetic.

We love: Marble bookends from @Home – R599


Half the battle of a cosy sleep is quality linens. Give your newlyweds the gift of a good rest with a set of comfy linens that will make them never want to leave the bed.

We love: Egyptian cotton oxford satin duvet cover set from Superbalist – R1199

Kitchen appliances

Add some flair to their mornings with fun kitchen appliances. Whether they love coffee or sweet treats, there are a multitude of applicances that will fulfill their desires.

We love: KitchenCraft Stove Top Waffle Maker from Yuppiechef – R769


Weddings are expensive, and your newlyweds will most likely struggle with empty pockets after their big day. Help them out by gifting them with some money instead of a physical present. Not sure how much to give? We’ve got you covered.

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