How to have an outstanding outdoor wedding

How to have an outstanding outdoor wedding

With the lockdown in full effect, it seems like everyone is dreaming of the day we may once again step outside and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors.

Why spend another second inside when you don’t have to? Once things have returned to normal in the world, we predict outdoor weddings will see a big boom as couples and guests revel in the freedom of their movement.

While you’re stuck at home, there is no better time to plan your perfect day. Here are some tips to make your outdoor wedding a day to remember.

Location, location, location:

South Africans are blessed with beautiful scenery around every corner. It is especially important, now more than ever, to support local and choose a wedding venue in the country.

Our top pick is Monate Game Lodge. Located in Modimolle in the Waterberg district of Limpopo, Monate is a 4-star luxury bushveld accommodation and wedding venue where you can truly live out your African dream. Whether your wedding is big or small, the team at this 3000 hectare private game reserve will strive to add that personal touch and tailor each event to every unique pair.

Bridal couples can take their pick from the famous Rock Fig, a majestic Marula tree in a natural cave, the unique bush boma or the traditional Chapel to say ‘I do.’

Experience your dream come true in the gem of the bushveld. Monate Game Lodge is a venue where love falls in love again! For more info contact 014 718 7000 or [email protected]

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Light ‘em up:

Both functional and fashionable, good lighting is a major key for your big day. Since you’ll be outdoors, you’ll have natural light to brighten the day. However, as the sun sets you’ll need a few additions. Use varying candle sizes, hanging lamps and tons of fairy lights to create a romantic atmosphere that is perfectly suited for a wedding day.

Remember to take advantage of your space so that your décor complements instead of detracts from what you already have. String fairy lights around tree stumps, line steps with outdoor candles or create a sky full of stars by hanging glass orbs filled with tea lights from the ceiling.

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Get comfy:

If you’re planning a summer wedding, don’t forget to take the weather into account. There are tons of small ways to make the summer days a little more manageable. Let your guests stay calm, cool and collected with an ice-cream station or fabulous fan favours. If it gets a little chilly once the evening hits, have some blankets or shawls on hand to pass around.

If your wedding venue space allows, consider setting up a shaded cool-down lounge area for your guests to sit back, relax and take in the views. Conveniently place the bar nearby and the spot will be a hit, especially as the sun goes down.

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Let’s play a game:

After being cooped up in the house for so long, your guests will be dying to have a little fun in the sun. Entertain them with some games designed to bring out their inner child. Think giant Jenga, ring toss, limbo or noughts and crosses.

Another bonus? Many of the items you’ll need for these games are easy DIY projects. You can get creative, fill up your time while in quarantine AND save money because you won’t have to outsource another service. Winner, winner.

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