How to get a Frida Kahlo-inspired wedding look

How to get a Frida Kahlo-inspired wedding look

The famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo is an international icon. She has been immortalised not only for her paintings, but also for her fashion choices. She was deeply inspired by her country’s culture, and she employed the native style to explore questions of identity and beauty.

The painter was no stranger to love and marriage. She married Diego Rivera, also a painter, in 1929. He was 20 years her senior. Both were allegedly unfaithful and divorced in 1940, then remarried later that year. They remained married until her death in 1954.

“Frida Kahlo’s hauntingly beautiful face, broken body, and bright Tehuana costumes have become the trademark of Mexican femininity. Images of her bat-wing brows, moustache, and clunky ethnic jewelry are as familiar in Mexico as Marilyn’s pout and puffed-up white dress are in the U.S.,” reports The New York Times.

If you are an artist, art enthusiast or simply fascinated by the legendary artist’s bold style and love of colour, here are some ways to incorporate her famous look into your wedding.

Remember that you can choose elements that work for you and translate them into modern-day similarities. Adapt her strong traditionally Mexican look to your own culture, personality and fashion taste as a way to respect foreign culture and not appropriate it by copying it exactly.

Take some inspiration from these tips.

The dress

This look calls for an off-shoulder with sleeves. Long sleeves go well, but short sleeves will work too. Go for lots of lace and flowing fabrics for a romantic look!

The hair

Kahlo’s extravagant hairdos are world famous. She painted hundreds of self portraits, many of her wearing a bold flower crown in an updo. Red, yellow and organge are strong colours that suited her personality and style well.  Add a braid on top to make a statement!

The makeup

As with the flower crown, go for bigger and bolder. Don’t stray away from bright red lips and of course, the iconic thick black eyebrows. A dab of bronzer will finish off the look.

The jewellery

Over the top and dramatic. Go for chandelier earrings and a beaded necklace and bangles! Mexican fashion embraces colour, size and femininity. Combine them selectively for a sophisticated look, but don’t be afraid to use layers.

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