How to combine your bachelorette and kitchen tea

How to combine your bachelorette and kitchen tea

Times have changed and so have traditions. It’s the year 2021 and most people have been greatly affected by the pandemic. Budgets are tight and health concerns are real. If you’re getting married but don’t feel you need to have both a bachelorette and a kitchen tea, there are several ways to combine them into one awesome bridal event.

There are loads of benefits of combining the two events into one. Weddings tend to happen in a shorter span of time between getting engaged and getting married due to ever-changing COVID-19 regulations. One bridal event will save time and energy, as well as money. It will also mean you get exposed to fewer people and environments, keeping your immediate bubble small and staying within that bubble instead of hanging out with different groups of people.

Here are some ideas of ways your bridal event can include everyone from your mom and aunt to your besties. Activities that everyone will enjoy and don’t break the bank is the way to go.

Private picnic

Picnics never get old. It’s chic, low-fuss and absolutely yummy. You can choose a theme or let the theme be the food! Gather your closest ladies and avoid the crowds by finding a private spot. You can also book a picnic from a vendor so it can be all set up in a cosy little nook when you arrive, ready to dig in.

Day by the pool

It’s summer! Sun’s out, which means bikinis and sarongs are on. Plan a fun day of leisurely lounging by the pool if you have access to one. Make cocktails together and get your dose of Vitamin D. Remember to wear adequate sunscreen, hats and seek out some shade every now and then.

Board and card games


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Who doesn’t love a good games night? Collect all your favourite board and card games and let your competitive side take over. You can even go as far as to place bets so there’s real incentive to win, or take it easy and just have a good laugh with your mates for the sake of it.

Cook or bake together 


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Food, glorious food. Whether you’re an aspiring fine-dining chef or just a plain old sweet tooth, get everyone together for a day of creating a beautiful meal, dessert or even just snacks. You can go for a cooking class or go DIY, as long as you walk away with a full belly and happy heart. Oh, and don’t forget to open a bottle of wine.

Spa day

Look, we’re not saying it’s never been done before. But honestly, who wouldn’t want to do it again (and again and again)? Book a day at your favourite spa for some serious relaxation. Plus, it will leave everyone looking and feeling refreshed and in top form for the big day!

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