Do's and don'ts of bachelorette parties

Do’s and don’ts of bachelorette parties

The bachelorette party is about letting loose and having a good time with your girls. You’ve got long lists of things to do and organise for your wedding day and you’re feeling very overwhelmed. This party is meant to be a time away from all the hustle and bustle.

But, it can get a little complicated if you don’t prepare. It can also get a bit messy if you haven’t thought the event through before hand.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to ensure you have the best, most relaxing time.

For Brides 


– Say what you want and be clear about it. Let your bridesmaids know what you expect and what you’re comfortable with. If you want something quiet and low key, say so. If you don’t want a stripper, say so. This is the best way to avoid disappointment and an event that makes you super uncomfortable.

– Respect your partner’s comfort level. If they are not comfortable with you being around exotic dancers, that is something that you should take into consideration. It’s not worth a fight.

– Allow the bridesmaids some freedom. Let them get creative with the information you’ve provided and don’t try to control everything! You’ve given them your guest list, told them what you want and don’t want, so let them run with it. They are your nearest and dearest after all!


– Stay glued to your phone all night. You can check in with your soon-to-be once or twice, but avoid texting all night.  Your friends will be annoyed, you’ll come across as ungrateful, and in the end you’ll regret it as you won’t have enjoyed your night.

– Feel obligated to invite every woman you know. This is an intimate event. Only your closest friends should be there.

– Let the “last chance” talk get the best of you. Most will be encouraging and excited about your upcoming big day. But at your bachelorette party, there may be a few chats about this being your last chance to partake in some questionable activities. Don’t fall into this trap. It’ll be nothing but trouble ahead if you do.

For bridesmaids 


– Respect the brides wishes. If she said no strippers, then do not hire strippers. You’ll ruin her night if you do.

– Plan the event well in advance. You want everybody to make it, so planning in advance ensures that the date is saved and arrangements can be made. Included in the planning is what you’ll do on the evening. Make the bookings necessary and plan the games. This allows you to have a stress free night.

– Take photos and make memories. This is something you’ll all never want to forget.  Don’t forget to put somebody in charge of photography.


– Invite mothers or mothers-in-law. I guarantee you, it will be awkward.

– Force the bride into things she’s uncomfortable with. If you’ve planned a silly outfit for her, but she refuses to wear it then let it be.  Forcing it will cause unnecessary tension and the bride, the most important person at the event, won’t enjoy it.

– Get post happy. Before you share anything online, check with the bride. She might not want people seeing pictures of this intimate, private event.

– Be clear about costs for all attendees. If somebody can’t afford it, but they show up because they were unaware of the costs it will be quite uncomfortable for that person. Try to be considerate of everyone, in any way you can.

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