Groom pranked by 'pregnant lover' at his wedding ceremony

Groom pranked by ‘pregnant lover’ at wedding ceremony

Your bridesmaid is usually responsible for making sure you have your bouquet and keeping a makeup bag handy. Not this bridesmaid though. She arranged an actress to come and prank the groom during the ceremony by pretending to be a pregnant lover.

A video currently trending online shows a ‘pregnant’ woman wearing a prosthetic pregnancy vest before crashing the private ceremony. In the prank, the actress accused the groom of getting her pregnant.


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The bride was shocked but she kept calm, and when the pregnant lover went into ‘labour’ she called for help.

The actress then pulled out her fake stomach and they told the couple it was just a prank. Both bride and groom were stunned by the drama, until all of them burst into laughter.

Now, that’s one way to have a memorable wedding.

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