Family serenade social distancing couple on 50th anniversary

Family serenade social distancing couple on 50th anniversary

50 years of marriage is a huge milestone, one that is worthy of a big celebration. However, when this couple’s plans were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their family stepped up to make sure their day was memorable while still maintaining a safe social distance.

Dan and Janice Kauffman from Ohio had planned an anniversary dinner to honour their relationship with all their family and friends. However, the elderly couple were forced to give up their plans as the coronavirus spread worsened in America.

The couple had to self-quarantine to avoid contracting the virus, meaning physical contact with their family was cut off.

This couple’s family could not let the anniversary pass by without doing anything. They decided to make a beautiful tribute to Dan and Janice. Standing in small family groupings, they held hand-made signs and cheered on the patriarch and matriarch of the family while performing for them. One family member serenaded the couple with a guitar performance and one child played the violin for his grandparents.

Watch the sweet video below:

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