Couple marry on border of Sweden and Norway to have family attend wedding

Couple marry on border of Sweden and Norway to have family attend wedding

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed many restrictions on various industries, including weddings. This creative couple found an ingenious way to go ahead with their wedding safely while still having their family physically present, despite travel restrictions.

Norwegian bride Camilla Øyjord and Swedish groom Alexander Clern wanted their families there for their big day. However, travel restrictions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic made this difficult.

As Sweden does not have a formal lockdown in place, its neighbouring countries have placed restrictions to prevent their citizens travelling to the country. This couple found a loophole by hosting their wedding ceremony across the border of Sweden and Norway.

A Norwegian bride married her Swedish groom at a ceremony conducted at the border between their countries – with both…

Posted by Katherine Rohan on Tuesday, 21 July 2020

The wedding was held in the woods of the south-eastern Holebekk region, and family and friends remained in their respective countries, separated by a white ribbon to mark the border. Police were present to make sure guests did not cross the line. The couple even organised separate catering for their guests on either side of the border.

“We did not want to change the date… all we wanted was to get married!” Oyjord told the BBC. She says the idea came to them as a joke, but as they neared their wedding date they saw it as a viable solution.

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