Couple forced to postpone wedding after getting date tattoo

Couple forced to postpone wedding after getting date tattoo

COVID-19 related wedding postponements have struck again as a Belfast couple have been forced to change their date. For this couple, however, the cancellation was more serious since they’d already tattooed their wedding date on their arms.

Francis Donald popped the big question to Fionnuala Kearney in December 2017. Immediately the pair began preparations for the big day.

Credit: Facebook /Francy Donald

With their planning, they decided on the wedding date to be October 16, 2020. To commemorate this decision, they had the special date tattooed on their arms in Roman numerals while on holiday in Turkey last year.

“We were in Turkey and had checked out of our hotel at 9am, but had to wait until the evening for our flight home – so we decided to go on a bar crawl. We strolled past a tattoo salon and we were tipsy, so thought it was a great idea to get matching tattoos,” explained the bride-to-be.

Unfortunately for the couple, the coronavirus pandemic took over and their wedding venue, Hugh McCanns hotel in Newcastle, informed them that they would have to postpone their wedding until 2021.

“When I was told we would have to postpone the wedding I was devastated, of course – but we only realised afterwards about our tattoos. If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry!” said Kearney to SNWS.

Of course, having to postpone your wedding is bad enough. However, since they already had the date tattooed on their arms, the couple were devastated. 

They have now moved their wedding date to April 2021 and are considering how they can ensure the tatoos remain meaningful.

It seems they are lighthearted about their misfortune, as Kearney posted to her Facebook, “Would only be us to get our wedding date tattooed for it to be postponed 😂” 

Image: Facebook / Francy Donald


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