Couple celebrate wedding at McDonald's due to COVID-19

Couple celebrate wedding at McDonald’s due to COVID-19

Scottish couple Melissa Russell, 27, and Shannon McKenna, 26, have been together for six years, and getting married was not part of their plans. However, like many couples this year, the COVID-19 pandemic made them realise that they want to spend the rest of their lives together.

Melissa and Shannon had hoped for a marquee in their garden for the wedding and a few nights away at a hotel.

Melissa, who is an employee at McDonald’s, spoke to her boss about her frustrations of planning a wedding during a pandemic. Her employer, Kate, then pulled out all the stops to give them a dream wedding reception in the fast-food restaurant.

The two were legally married by a humanist celebrant in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, and then went to celebrate the rest of the day at the McDonald’s Melissa works at.

On the menu for the newlyweds was a three-course meal containing Mozzarella Dippers or Chicken Selects for starters, anything on the menu for the main course and ice cream was served in crystal glasses, or apple pie and ice cream.

The couple were over the moon and so emotional about the whole thing,

“It was an absolutely fabulous day. Kate is such a lovely, helpful person and she went above and beyond, she did so many things we didn’t expect, she got the tables decorated,” said Melissa.

The newlyweds then spent a night in Loch Lomond for a brief honeymoon, before returning home.

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