Should you consider having a 'man of honour'?

Should you consider having a ‘man of honour’?

Times have changed and so have traditions. There’s no need for anything to be done simply because that’s the way it has always been done.

On your wedding and the days leading up to it, you want someone close to you to help you out. Whether it’s the planning, running errands on the day, organising a stellar bachelorette or simply getting excited with you, your bestie has got your back.

Your bestie may or may not be a man. No rule says your best friend needs to be the same gender as you.

In modern times, it’s completely acceptable for men and women to be good friends with members of the opposite sex, without being romantically involved. A mature relationship can handle each other’s friends without getting jealous.

So, if you’re tying the knot but you don’t feel you have a girlfriend that you are necessarily close to, why not ask your male friend to be your ‘man of honour’?

There’s no reason he can’t take you dress shopping, cake tasting or throw an epic kitchen tea. If you do, here are some things to keep in mind:

– Your partner comes first

Hopefully, your partner is also good friends with your best friend and respects your decision, as you will respect theirs. However, insisting on asking a friend that your partner may not get along with might hurt them. If there is a history between you and the male friend, for example, your partner might not like the idea of him sharing these personal moments with you. It would be wise to be open and honest with your partner before asking the friend.

– Your male best friend’s comfort comes second

Even if your partner is completely comfortable with the idea, your friend might not be. They may be more or less at ease with spending time discussing intimate details surrounding the dress, hair and makeup, the honeymoon etc. Or they might simply not enjoy doing those things, they could end up being bored and you will end up feeling neglected. Have a casual chat with them to test the waters before the big ask, unless you know them well enough to know they will say yes –  and have fun doing it too.

– Your family’s opinions should not influence you

Oftentimes, our family’s opinions tend to shape our decisions, even as adults. Your family might be more traditional than you, and it’s important to treat them with respect. However, this is your day and the way you choose to do things are up to you and your partner. So, if they frown upon your decision, either have an open discussion with them or ignore their input, but don’t change your mind for their sake. You deserve to be happy at this very special time in your life.

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