Does your personality match your perfume?

Does your personality match your perfume?

If eyes are the window to your soul, then perfume is the gateway to your psyche. Wearing perfume is like making your own non-verbal statement. Your scent follows you, speaks of and to you.

Whether you prefer the boldness of musk or light floral notes, your choice in fragrance will leave a lingering impression on everyone you come in contact with so make sure it’s the right one. Before you spray away, consider which best suits your personality…

Nature Lovers: Floral

Earthy and sweet, floral scents are for the nature lovers. Floral scents are also distinctly soft and feminine. It’s for the woman deeply in touch with her femininity, who wants her sweetness shared with the world. The wearer of this scent immediately brightens a room with their warmth and sunny disposition. Jasmine, lily, and gardenia are popular ingredients for this perfume type.

Self Assured: Musk

A musky scent is hard to ignore, just like its wearer. Earthy, woody, animalistic, and intoxicating, this scent gives you everything and more. A musk-wearer is self-assured, the type that doesn’t need to shout to be seen. Naturally, this bold and confident scent can be polarising, so it’s not for the faint of heart.

Feminine and Flirty: Fruity

Fruity scents can go two ways. Citrus scents are sharp, clean, and energically fresh. It’s feminine without being too flirty, ideal for a woman with sass. Those who prefer the more tropical side tend to be more fun and full of life. Scents reminiscent of watermelon, berries or passionfruit are heartwarmingly optimistic, like a day spent on the beach. If you wear this scent, you’re most likely the life of the party.

Uncomplicated: Fresh

Understated but not underwhelming, this perfume scent is like a breathe of fresh air. Wearers of this scent appreciate simplicity and follow an uncomplicated way of life. If you’re into the minimalist aesthetic, this scent is for you.

Well-grounded: Woody

Typically the most popular unisex fragrance type, woody scents are earthy and grounded. With ingredients like sandalwood, cedar and patchouli, this fragrance type is easyngoing and clear just like its wearer. Those that spritz this scent are typically solid and dependable, but definitely not boring.

Mysterious: Spicy/oriental

This warm scent is dark and curiously inviting. Those who don a spicy scent are bold, mysterious and sensual yet playful. Almost hedonistic in nature, this smell speaks to an uncompromising personality who enjoys the pleasures of life. It’s perfect for a spontaneous wearer that likes to keep people guessing.

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