Brides with postponed weddings purchase each other gifts

Brides with postponed weddings purchase each other gifts

Weddings around the world are at a standstill as the coronavirus pandemic continues. With everything in limbo, it can be tough to feel positive. A group of brides have decided to lift each other’s spirits during this crazy time.

Brides are feeling lost, confused and heartbroken over the current state of affairs. In an effort to brighten each others days, they’ve decided to gift each other presents from their wedding registries.

The idea stemmed from a Zola community chat. Zola, a free online wedding platform, hosts a myriad of community chats where engaged people can talk about their wedding plans.

To help support each other through these trying times and also lend a financial hand, brides are leaving links to their online registries in the community chat. They then purchase a gift for someone else from their registry.

“This is a really tough time for a lot of brides who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. I thought it would be a great idea if we came together to brighten each other’s days a little,” read the original post.”If you’d like to participate, leave the link to your registry in the comments. Then go to someone else’s registry and purchase something for them! Once you’ve purchased an item off a registry, leave a heart for them.”

According to Business Insider, over 1500 brides are participating in the exchange, helping them all feel a little less alone.

“For many of us, the celebrations have been put on hold, and you’re always told, ‘No one cares about your wedding as much as you,’ but it turns out that hundreds of strangers care just as much as you do, too,” bride Adrith told Business Insider.

“The registry exchange has been an opportunity to shower other couples with love in a time that’s full of chaos and sadness, and it’s a way to remind each other that we truly aren’t alone or forgotten.”

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