Bride tries to sell 'haunted' vintage wedding dress

Bride tries to sell ‘haunted’ vintage wedding dress

An unidentified woman in the US is working hard to sell a vintage wedding dress she found in an abandoned old gold rush town while hiking.

Since returning home with the dress, she claims strange things have been happening to her. The bride is now trying to sell her dress on Facebook Market place for $600 (about R8 900).

In the Facebook advert for her dress, the bride explains that the minute she returned home with the dress, everything changed.

“While my fiancé and I were hiking through a small town between Fairfax and Carbanado, Washington, we came across an old gold rush town that was completely abandoned,” she wrote. “Needless to say our curiosity got the best of us and we started to explore the ruins of this ghost town. In one of the rundown remnants of a small cottage we shimmied up into, I came across this dress.

“It was so gorgeous, I froze at the sight of it. And if I’m being completely honest, it scared the crap out of me all at the same time, but something about its ethereal beauty just begged me to bring it home with me.”

“First small things like a sock, and my closet door being open in the morning when I specifically remember closing it before bed. Then my cat’s food tray would get thrown at such velocity it would knock things off of the shelf hung on the wall it strikes. This happened relentlessly.”

Doors would slam, lights would turn on and off, and the couple heard footsteps all over their apartment. If that wasn’t bad enough, their home also began to smell.

“And then came the smell of rotten eggs and fire that would fill our bedroom. Night after night. Then flies started to pile up against my back windows and swarm around my front door.”

Life began to calm down after the woman gave the dress to her future mother-in-law for cleaning and tailoring.

“During the two months that she had the dress it was complete peace, no more tension in the room, no more arguing between me and my partner, no more objects moving or footsteps and my cat was back to her affectionate playful self,” she said.

“She never got it dry-cleaned and begged me not to get married in this dress because of the energy surrounding it and I hadn’t even told her about what was going on at home because up until that point, I hadn’t even connected the two.”

The bride is now keen to find a new owner for the cursed dress. However, her Facebook post did not get the reaction she was expecting. Many accused her of stealing the dress, and said she deserved to be haunted for taking something that did not belong to her.

Others said instead of selling and making a profit off of it, she should return the dress wear she found it to hopefully break the curse.

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