Bride hosts drive-through wedding shower

Bride hosts drive-through wedding shower

As the coronavirus pandemic continues throughout the world, couples are forced to be creative in maintaining some sense of normalcy.

Ellie Morgan in Chattanooga realised she’d have to think out of the box if she wanted her wedding festivities to go ahead safely. Her May wedding had already been postponed to limit large social gatherings.

“You have this picture of the perfect wedding and all that stuff and then it all comes crashing down,” Morgan told Channel 3.

Her wedding shower was ready to go, but could not continue the way it was planned. Instead, her bridal party threw her a drive-through shower. Guests drove up to the driveway and, while maintaining a safe distance, presented Morgan with gifts.

“They would just drive up and hand us our gift out of their window,” laughed Morgan. “We would open the gift in front of them, take a quick picture beside their car, hand them a cookie and a squirt of sanitizer and send them on their way!”

Despite all the amazing gifts she received, Morgan says the best one was seeing her loved ones again.

“We were just excited to see each other because we have been at home for the last week,” Morgan told Channel 3.

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