Bride honours sister on her wedding gown

Bride honours sister on her wedding gown

Megan Dean, who got married in October 2019, recently told TODAY the heart wrenching story of how she used her wedding dress to honour her deceased sister Rylie. In a Facebook post, on January 3 – which would have been Rylie’s 19th birthday – Dean detailed her tribute further.

Dean was only 4-years-old when her little sister passed away due to a heart condition. Despite having only known her for 8 days and despite having three living sisters, the now 23-year old Dean could not let her special day go by without including Rylie in some way.

Her plan was to integrate her sister’s baby blanket into her wedding gown. For this she employed the help of her mother, Rebecca.

“Getting her blanket required my mom and I to open up a box filled with Rylie’s things that we hadn’t looked at for years”, Dean told TODAY.

“Getting to talk with my mom about her experience and the memories she had was something quite special”, she added.

The bride-to-be at the time had her tailor create a patch in the shape of a heart using the blanket which had her sisters name embroidered on it. The patch was then sewed to the inside of Deans wedding gown.

Credit: Facebook / Megan Dean

In her Facebook post dedicated to Rylie she wrote, “This is the blanket you were swaddled in the moment you left our mother’s womb. It is what wrapped around you as our mom and dad held you for the first time…This is the blanket you wore during my last memory of you, kissing your forehead for one final time and not wanting to leave your side. I could not fathom celebrating a new beginning without you right there alongside me.”

If this wasn’t enough to tug at your heart strings, Dean had another idea. She requested that an identical patch be made, also using the baby blanket as fabric. The second patch would be a gift from her to her father; he would wear it as a pocket square as he walked her down the aisle.

“I was so excited to show my dad our tribute to Rylie. When I showed him the heart, I remember him saying through tears, ‘It’s her blanket,’ and we both began sobbing”, she told TODAY.

Credit: Facebook / Megan Dean

Dean also surprised all her sisters with the tribute to Rylie. We’re sure this made the day extra special.

Credit: Facebook / Megan Dean

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