Artist turns wedding dresses into colourful works of art

Artist turns wedding dresses into colourful works of art

White is traditional when it comes to a wedding day, but that doesn’t mean it’s required. This talented artist is elevating wedding gowns by turning them into colourful works of art for a truly unique, spectacular finish.

Artist Taylor Ann Linko got the inspiration to start this business through her own wedding dress. The bride wanted a unique gown to match her colourful personality, so she began painting the bottom of her dress using airbrushes.

“White was banned from the closet due to the fact I would probably get paint on it. I was also banned from paint and any other form of art the week prior to the wedding, just to avoid any skin stains or mishaps. Heck, nice things were banned from my room/studio in the fear they would never make it out alive and unpainted,” Linko explains.

“I might be shy, I kinda hate being the center of attention, but that’s never stopped me from wearing my heart on my sleeve. Just so happens, my heart is filled with art. Painting, sculpting, sewing, drawing, makeup….and that tends to show though, from doodles on my arm to paint on my wedding dress.

“For my wedding, the same was certainly true. I painted, sculpted, crafted, just about everything I could. Made the flowers, colored my hair, painted a giant jenga game, DIY-ed the invitations, sculpted the centerpieces.”

For her dress, she decided to paint her gown purple, blue, red, orange and yellow. The first two colours represent her and her husband’s favourite colours, and yellow for her grandfather’s favourite colour. Orange is symbolic of friendship, which she chose because she was friends with her husband for a long time before it turned romantic. All together, the colours represented a sunset.

“The shock and awe of my dress helped me feel calm and confident. My colorful personality was shining through and everyone there loved it. I wasn’t trying to make some big statement it’s as simple as wanting to wear something I felt beautiful in. It’s the Artistic personal flare. For me, life is my canvas. I look for any and every opportunity to add that personal flair and artistic touch, I wasn’t about to hold back because it’s normal to wear white.”

The images from her big day soon went viral. Since then, Linko has been inundated with requests, as hundreds have asked her to paint their wedding dresses. She now runs a full-time business creating these one-of-a-kind gowns. She also upcycles gowns to sell online.

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