Advice on drastic colour changes from Wella Professionals, for Bride-to-be's

Advice on drastic colour changes from Wella Professionals, for Bride-to-be’s

Bride-to-be’s have dozens of nightmares leading up to their wedding day, but your hair doesn’t have to be one of them! A bad hair day on your big day can be avoided by following these 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Plan Ahead

When booking your appointment with a hair salon, make sure to mention if the appointment is for a specific occasion, so that the hair salon can make sure they have adequate time for the perfect consultation. A perfect consultation will help your hairdresser select the best suitable hair colour and hairstyle for your big day. Your eye colour, skin tone, hair history, current hair condition and facial shape plays an important role in this decision.

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Step 2: Prepare your hair at home

Moisture and hair condition is critical! So you should invest in a professional home care treatment range, such as the Wella Professional Fusion Range, which is an instant and long-lasting hair care recovery regimen. It contains Silksteel Technology that provides 95% more resilience against breakage. Creating a soft as silk and strong as steel hair texture. Also, give your hair a break from heat styling for a while, before your appointment.

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Step 3: The Colour Change

Dark to light – This can be a tricky process. It is important to be honest about your hair history with your hairdresser and make sure to have realistic expectations, because the end result might not be achieved at the first appointment.

Wella Professionals Color Renew is a zero-damage colour reducer that optimises and prepares your hair for a new colour, by removing the current colour from your hair, without affecting your natural hair colour. This service can be performed more than once on the same day, depending on the colour build up in the hair.

Wella Professionals WellaPlex is another great treatment option to use when going from dark to light. It works as a bond multiplier, which links the bonds inside the hair, reducing damage during the lightening process.

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Ask your hairdresser about Color Renew and WellaPlex, should you want to change your hair colour.

Light to Dark – This desired result is far more achievable with your first appointment. Wella Professionals KPME+ will provide you with even, pure colour results with natural depth and shine and it requires very little prep and salon time.

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It is also important to invest in a good professional home care range to ensure your colour stays true to tone and does not go brassy. The Wella Professionals Brilliance Range is pH optimised, which means that the low pH formula helps to de-swell the cuticles after colouration, ensuring up to 7 weeks colour protection.

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Remember, having a visual reference with you is another great tool for the hairdresser to use, because everyone sees colour differently!

Step 4: Know your stylist

Certain colour changes, such as removal of unwanted tones, are more difficult and should be handled by a true colour expert. Stick to one hairdresser for the duration of your wedding journey and make sure you understand each other.

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Step 6: Book a post-colour appointment

Schedule another appointment 1 week after your colour change for a Wella Professionals Illumina Glossing Service. This will add an extra glow and shine to your locks, before you say ‘I DO’! This is a quick and super easy service to add shine and refresh colour all in one.


The time leading up to your big day can be very emotional and stressful. Be sure not to leave everything for the last minute.

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