4 ways to be kinder to your hair

4 ways to be kinder to your hair

There is finally time to whip your hair into shape during lockdown. Making simple changes to your hair care habits and being more conscious about the products we use will help in the journey to achieve vibrant colour, stronger hair and greater shine.

1. Read the labels

Let’s be honest, it’s no easy feat to decipher a product label. Instead, focus on what you don’t want in your product, or what you could be allergic to, and make sure it’s not present. Scan your formula for ingredients such as PPD, PPT and PTD – all colouring agents with similar chemical structures that could cause severe allergic reactions. Try to avoid sulphates and parabens in your hair care products as this could cause irritation and allergic reactions, so rather reach for ‘cleaner’ products – they’re also kinder to the Earth.

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2. Choose colour wisely

Healthy hair is associated with glossy, vibrant colour, which can more often than not only be achieved in a salon. When we can’t visit our favourite colourist, we need to make sure we prep our hair as best we can. Something to look forward to though, is the Koleston Perfect ME+ colour from Wella, which is free from harmful colour molecules, yet still able to provide you with brilliant colour and strong hair, thanks to PureBalance Technology. Make a stop at your closest Wella salon after lockdown to get salon ready locks.

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3. Treat your tresses

Like you give your skin an extra dose of TLC every now and then, remember to do the same for your hair. On days you plan to wash your hair at night, drench roots to ends in a mixture made of half a cup of honey and a quarter cup of olive oil. Heat the mixture, generously coat your hair and tie in to a bun. Once you are able to visit your nearest Wella salon, give their Element’s care system a try which is free of sulphates, parabens and artificial colourants!

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 4. Let your hair down

If you generally keep your hair tied up or pinned back, you’ll know the stress it can cause on your scalp. To give your roots a rest, sleep with your hair loose and invest in a silk pillowcase to avoid unnecessary snagging and moisture loss overnight.

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