Woman posts scathing ad after discovering fiancé's 4-year affair

Woman posts scathing ad after discovering fiancé’s 4-year affair

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. One particular woman took this saying in her stride. After discovering her fiancé was secretly cheating on her, she broke things off and attempted to sell his ring with a scathing ad.

Zoe Butt proposed to Paul Botwright on the leap year after five years together. After she discovered he had been secretly having an affair for the last four years of their relationship, however, she ended the engagement.

She then took to Facebook to post an ad to sell the sterling silver band she had proposed to her partner with. In the ad, she writes,

“Men’s wedding band for sale. Sterling Silver 925 Hallmarked. Good condition couple scratches but still looks smart, only thing wrong with it is it might be tainted by the lying cheating male it was worn by,” she wrote.

The ad has since gone viral, although no one has offered to purchase the ring.

“I just wanted to get rid of it, I was genuinely trying to sell that ring,” Butt told the Daily Mail. “But no one wants it because of how I posted it.”

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