When you shouldn't wear your engagement ring

When you shouldn’t wear your engagement ring

You’re engaged and you want to flaunt your ring all day, every day, we don’t blame you. But wearing a new and expensive piece of jewellery 24/7 takes some getting used to and there are times and places not to wear your engagement ring to keep it safe and sound.

Here are some places you might want to go ring-free:

The beach

You want to take a selfie in your stellar bikini and show off your gorgeous ring but there’s a risk of losing it in the sand or the water. Sand can also easily get into the ring setting or under your stone.

The gym

You could probably wear your ring during cardio but if you’re doing weights don’t even try it. The strong pressure of the weights could bend the band and if you have a pavé band it’s possible that the smaller stones may fall out of the setting if it takes too many knockings.

The shower

This one may be obvious but it’s easy to forget to take off your ring if you’re in a rush to shower. Shampoos, body washes, soaps, hair and beauty products all cause a residue buildup either on or under your stone which is difficult to clean. Also remember to be careful when you’re applying lotion or hair serum with your ring on.

The pool / jacuzzi

Chlorine in pool water can cause damage to your ring, and over time it will discolour the metal of your ring band.

While cleaning

Whether you’re cleaning the oven or your car or even just washing the dishes, take your ring off! If you have a coloured stone you need to be even more careful because the chemicals from the detergents can erode the finish and polish of the stone.

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