Wedding tasks to do during lockdown

Wedding tasks to do during lockdown

Just because you’re on lockdown, doesn’t mean productivity can be thrown out the window. With all the extra time on your hands, why not put it to good use by prepping for your big day?

Here are some ways to plan your wedding during lockdown.

Fine tune your Pinterest boards

The first step in any wedding plan is to consult the oracle: Pinterest. Take a deep-dive into this app to craft your perfect day, from your wedding dress all the way to take-home favours. Creating Pinterest boards helps refine your ultimate vision, as well as show others involved in the planning process what you want. Happy scrolling!

Research wedding vendors

Even though they won’t be operating now, most wedding vendors have amazing, informative websites where you can research their offerings in depth. Some wedding venues even offer virtual tours, making it easier for you to suss out the grounds from the comfort of your home. Always make sure to check out their social media pages too, especially the review section. This might save you from some dodgy dealers.

Update your registry

Being at home makes you really realise what you need and don’t need. Now’s the time to think about what would make your life easier or just better. Developed a coffee addiction during lockdown? Add a coffee plunger to the list. Realised the cozy life really is for you? Boom: fluffy blanket.

Plan your playlist

Music can make or break a good party. Since you’ve got all this free time you might as well fill it with some great tunes. Give Spotify a try to discover new artists and find that special song for your first dance. You can also make a list of your favourite ‘feel good’ songs, which will make your DJ or wedding band’s job so much easier.

Learn a new dance

You want to look as good as possible when you take to the floor for your first dance as newlyweds, so why not learn from a professional? Youtube is an amazing resource for those wanting to gain new skills. Whether its the tango or hip-hop, there is a multitude of masterclasses you can follow in your  own living room.

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