Wedding food and drink trends for 2020

Wedding food and drink trends for 2020

The new decade is soon approaching, bringing with it new trends in the wedding industry. The Knot’s recently released 2020 Wedding Report predicts the biggest trends expected to hit the industry within the new year. Food in 2020 is expected to be bigger and better. From more inclusive menus to interactive eating, this is how people will be dining on their big day in 2020.


Couples are moving towards being more inclusive with their menu’s, offering plant-based, vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian options for their guests. Don’t forget to also offer fun non-alcoholic drinks other than soda. This adds a personal touch to your wedding, showing that you care for your guests and their dietary requirements.

Childhood favourites:

Take a trip down memory lane by incorporating childhood favourites into your wedding menu. Rather than stuffy hors d’oeuvres your guests can barely identify, serve what you love. Today’s couples are creating unique twists on old faithfuls like grilled cheese, sliders and fries.

Interactive eats:

We’ve loved the donut wall for the past few wedding seasons, now it’s time to take it up a notch. Interactive food options like conveyor belts or dessert stations throw a unique spin on food presentation. Consider having an ice-cream roller on site or a crêpe station for guests to pick and choose their desserts.

Self-serve bars:

Let your guests in on the action with self-serve bars. Rather than having to line up and wait for the mixologist to catch your eye, a self-service bar gives your guests something to do and some creative options. Think of offering a gin bar, with all the ingredients neatly set out for partygoers to help themselves to a custom drink.

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