Wedding crashed by groom's real wife and kids

Wedding crashed by groom’s real wife and kids

Wedding goers in Zambia were treated to an unexpected show when a woman stormed into a church with children in tow and interrupted the ceremony. She demanded the wedding be stopped because the groom was her husband.

The groom, Abraham Muyunda, is married to Caroline Mubita and they share three children. Muyunda had allegedly told his wife that he was going to town for work, but in reality, he was attending his own wedding at a Catholic church in Chainda, Lusaka.

Mubita had been told by neighbours that her husband was to marry another woman, causing her to rush to interrupt the ceremony.

In a video, Mubita storms into the church with a child strapped to her back, and can be heard saying, “The wedding cannot go on. This man right here is my husband. I don’t know what is happening here.”

The groom has since been handed over to the police and may face a criminal charge of bigamy, which is illegal in Zambia. The crime could carry a sentence of up to seven years, under Zambian law.

Picture: screenshot from video

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