Ways to incorporate the sheer trend into your big day

Ways to incorporate the sheer trend into your big day

There’s a lot to be said about the sheer look, especially when it comes to a wedding. Translucent materials, both the fabric and the paper kind, can easily accentuate the elegance of the occasion.

We’ve rounded up five ways in which sheer fabric and stationery can be effectively incorporated into your wedding, be it as part of your ensemble, or on every placemat at the reception.

The dress

Wearing a wedding dress made from sheer fabric is a great means to look radiant and daring while walking down the aisle. The delicacy of the material will give you an angelic, almost ethereal look, which is suitable for such a romantic occasion.

This look will be enhanced if you are wearing several layers of the fabric. Also, given that sheer materials are so lightweight, you won’t have many hassles donning them on your wedding day.

The veil


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You might not be that keen on an outfit that’s got too much sheer. But there’s nothing wrong with a touch of it. That’s where the veil comes in. It’s not compulsory to wear one, but it’s a lovely embellishment to an outfit, and will almost certainly be made of sheer fabric.

And if you’re dress is a bit simple, then your veil can add a bit of energy to the ensemble. For example, a veil that’s longer than most, or one that features an intricate detail will definitely turn heads.

The décor


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There are plenty of ways in which sheer materials can be used to decorate your wedding venue or reception area. Tie it around the back of the chairs or at the end of every pew; cover the tables in it; or hang it from the ceiling.

What’s particularly satisfying about using see-through fabrics as décor is their subtlety. If you were to use a heavier fabric, the venues might begin to feel stuffy and claustrophobic after a while.

The invitations


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Stationery plays a bigger part than you might realise when it comes to planning a wedding. After all, the whole thing starts with an invitation. And this is where we start talking about vellum, or translucent paper.

Its particular delicacy contributes to the idea that a wedding is an important, elegant and refined affair. Added to that, it can easily be combined with other materials of different colours to make your invitations look particularly festive.

The reception


There is also the matter of your guests’ comfort, and sheer paper can help with that as well. You don’t only need it for the invitations, and can use it at the reception. Create menus or place cards with fonts that match your colour theme.

These items, made for the sole purpose of giving your guests an easy time of it, will make the occasion all the more charming for them. But don’t stop there. Why not also hand out your wedding favours in wonderful packets made with see-through paper? A lovely way to end things off!

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