UK castle offers 'bubble weddings'

UK castle offers ‘bubble weddings’

Langley Castle in Northumberland is hundreds of years old. By it’s age alone we know that it’s faced many a struggle. Presently, the castle serves as a hotel and wedding venue and thus is facing a new challenge: COVID-19 and social distancing weddings.

In response to the crisis, and their need to keep the wedding industry alive (for their own good too, of course), the castle’s management have come up with a creative solution. In fact, the solution is said to be a first in the UK.

Already known for many other “firsts” such as being the first wedding venue in the country to offer civil marriages and being the first in the UK to offer Game of Thrones style weddings, they are now the first to offer “Bubble Weddings” as a social distancing solution.

The Bubble wedding gives you a “castle to yourself” experience. According to Chronicle Live the offering is customised to your liking and is created to be intimate, being only for couples and their absolute nearest and dearest. This allows for the wedding to follow social distancing rules.

There are two packages and they both adhere to the guidelines set by the Government.

The first package is a Bubble with Bubbles day for 10 people. Included in this package is a marriage at the castle, canapes, drinks, buffets and use of all nine bedrooms, costing £4,500.

The second package, called ‘Key to the Castle, is for 18 people. The guests are allowed to lockdown and run the castle. This will cost £6,500.

There is also an option for the couple to come alone and get married there.

In times like these, creative and out-of -the-box solutions are exactly what we need! Hopefully, others in the wedding industry will follow suit and introduce new ways around the COVID-19 challenge.

Image: Facebook / Langley Castle Weddings


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