9 Tips on how to create a wedding hashtag

9 Tips on how to create a wedding hashtag

The big day is approaching and your guests are welcomed with their digital devices. They are encouraged to document as much as they can. If you use a special hashtag, you’ll have a whole lot of memories from different perspectives in one place. Here are some tips to create a wedding hashtag:

Wedding hashtags are a great addition, especially if you’ve decided not to unplug your wedding.

How it works

When your guests take a picture or film a snippet of your big day, they can upload it to Instagram or Twitter. When posting, they can add your custom hashtag. This means that when you search that specific hashtag, all the posts uploaded with that hashtag will all appear in one place. It sounds more complicated than what it is. For guests that aren’t too ‘with it’, provide a short video or step-by-step picture explanation.


Come up with a few potential wedding hashtags. Just in case your hashtag is taken.

Have fun

If you want to keep things simple, then go ahead! But it’s really funny when you’re punny. Some couples choose to incorporate their names with a movie title, for example, #ShesTheMannelly which is a combination of the movie She’s the Man (2006) and their surname Mannelly. You could even play on well-known sayings like #ToHaveAndToHughes which is the saying (part of the vows) ‘to have and to hold’ in combination with the surname Hughes.

Customise, really

As lovely as hashtags are, they are very common. So it is absolutely vital that you and your partner come up with a unique hashtag. For example, don’t just use a hashtag like #Williamswedding. There are probably so many wed couples with the surname Williams. You really don’t want to search your custom hashtag to find your little gems among someone else’s big day.

Search the tag

When you’ve narrowed down the choices, search your hashtag on social medias to see if it has been used.


Capitalise the first letter of each word in your hashtag. It makes it a lot easier to read.

Number it 

If you’re keeping things plain and simple and your hashtag is taken, you can always add numbers to it. It could be your wedding day date or any other significant number. Remember to not make it too complicated.


A great idea is to use your special hashtag for all wedding events. That way you will have all your wedding festivity pictures in one place. From the engagement party to the big day.

Let it be known 

Having a wedding hashtag is great but not if your guests don’t know about it. Make sure you add your hashtag to the invitation and have little reminders around the wedding. Depending on how important it is to you, you can send your guests little reminders and maybe mention it at the reception.

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