Should you unplug your wedding?

Should you unplug your wedding?

Technology is undoubtedly a massive part of our lives in this day and age. Our phones are practically extensions of our arms and we can’t go without checking in to our social media once a day. Most of our memories are made by captured moments on our digital devices and not by living in those moments. This can frustrate people who would rather be doing the latter, especially when it comes to significant occasions such as weddings.

This might be the reason some couples choose to have ‘unplugged’ weddings, where guests along with the bride and groom must forego using their mobile devices and instead be present in the moment.

The benefits of having an unplugged wedding is the intimacy and the lack of distraction. Take away cellphones and the guests will pay more attention to the happy couple. Everyone will be able to relish the occasion. Requesting that digital devices are switched off also eliminates the chance of unwanted disturbances during the ceremony.

By unplugging, the photos from your wedding will also look a whole lot better – no more pictures of your beautifully-dressed guests with their eyes glued to their mobile devices. There’s just something refreshing and romantic about photographs without cellphones in sight. There also won’t be any unplanned overexposure in the pictures because five people all decided to take a photo with the camera flash on at the same time as the photographer. It will also remove any awkward encounters. We all know the aunties are going to insist on taking fifty pictures, of the same shot, with their outdated cellphones. That either means your paid-for photographer will have to compromise their shot or uncomfortably wait for the aunties to get their picture.


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Aunties aside, there are some positives to plugged-in weddings as well, the first being that you don’t have to wait for the professional photographs to be sent to you (there is a bit of a waiting time) before you can see pictures from the wedding. While you wait for your professional photo’s, you can enjoy Auntie Jackie’s pictures from her phone!

Having access to social media at a wedding can also be a good thing. Using a unique hashtag just for your wedding on Instagram or Facebook is a smart way to create an online ‘photo album’ made up of pictures snapped and uploaded by you and all your wedding guests. Everyone will be able to view pictures posted with that specific hashtag, all in one place. It’s also a lovely idea to implement the hashtag from the first wedding event onward, for example, the engagement party. This will allow snapshots from every wedding celebration to be placed in one section.


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Still can’t decide if you should have a plugged or an unplugged wedding? Why not do both. You can opt for an unplugged wedding ceremony and a plugged-in reception, for example. You can customise it however you want, after all, it’s your big day.

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