The sustainable bride's wedding decor

The sustainable bride’s wedding decor

Weddings leave a surprisingly heavy footprint on the planet, and as a sustainable bride, it might be overwhelming to think about all the elements of an eco-friendly wedding. Decor carries the theme of your wedding and creates an atmosphere of romance, celebration and nostalgia. But creating that atmosphere while keeping to your ethical ethos might be a challenge.

The eco-friendly wedding can be daunting and sometimes overwhelming, however, not everything has to be perfect. Every small decision you make to decrease the impact of waste on your wedding helps the environment, so don’t be too hard on yourself.  Here are a few achievable tricks and tips on how you can be mindful when planning your dream sustainable wedding:



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Flower arrangements are usually the main mood setter at any wedding. It’s often suggested to forgo the idea of cut flowers and opt for potted greenery or herbs. However, if you are more of a traditional gal, ask your florist for locally grown flowers that are sourced within season. In order to give your wedding flowers a second life, donate them to a nursing home, local hospital or hospice afterwards. Also make sure to share your blooms with your guests, friends and family to make sure they’re enjoyed for a little longer.



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If you are looking for a botanical or forest themed wedding, opt for venues with built-in decor elements, such as luscious gardens or gorgeous patios for outdoor weddings. Booking a venue that requires minimal additional decor will save costs and decrease your carbon footprint.

The small things matter


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Weddings, in general, have a large impact on the environment – some more so than others. As much as we love watching balloons and fire lanterns floating into the distance, it destroys our environment and wildlife. For safer, more eco-friendly alternatives, try bubbles, leaves or dried flowers instead of glitter confetti. Planting a tree is also a great eco-friendly and symbolic option to memorialize your special day.

Rent, don’t buy


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Instead of single-use elements such as paper napkins, plastic cutlery and plates, use rented glassware, cutlery and linen napkins. Making the switch automatically elevates the mood of your wedding. If you are opting to push the boundaries of the traditional wedding, bamboo or bio-degradable cutlery, plates and serveware offer an organic feel to your wedding.


A big tip on creating the wedding of your dreams is finding the proper vendors that carry the same vison and ethos as you. In doing this you will ensure trustworthy services and transparent sourcing. Vendors in the business of creating a cleaner, greener planet often have trendy and budget-friendly ideas that will turn your wedding into a day to remember.

Get thrifty, upcycle & recycle

To add that unique flare, thrift special wedding decor or items that add a vintage, one-of-a-kind touch. Forgotten treasures are the perfect pieces to repurpose or upcycle into a beautiful centrepiece or focal point.

For the budget-savvy bride, DIY is the way to go. DIY signage can be personal and quirky, so instead of creating permanent signs from wood or plastic, you can use reusable items such as chalkboards, glass jars and vases.

Carbon emissions


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When you go as far as thinking about specific lighting elements in your wedding, try LED lighting – it uses up to 75% less energy than regular light bulbs. To forgo the energy consumption completely, candles are a great way to illuminate your venue and create a romantic atmosphere. Paraffin candles are known to cause headaches or irritate sinuses, so choose candles that have a mixture of soy, beeswax or coconut wax. There are many shapes, sizes and colours to choose from when it comes to eco- friendly candles, plus you’ll be able to use it again.

By Mia Smith

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