The groomsmen’s duties

The groomsmen’s duties

Being a groomsman is a big honour. But with great honour comes great responsibility. As a groomsman, you’ll be expected to fulfil a number of duties to aid the groom in his wedding journey. Here is a rundown of the groomsmen’s duties:

Pre-wedding prep:

Get fitted for wedding attire:

As a group, the groomsmen will be fitted with wedding attire to match the wedding’s theme. If a suit is being made, you might have to send your measurements through so make sure to have those on hand. Depending on the couple, you may be expected to purchase or rent the attire yourself. Make sure to set aside money for this.


Attend pre-wedding events:

Wedding festivities do not start and end with the big day. There are a host of pre-wedding events you will be expected to attend, including the engagement party, bachelor party, rehearsal dinner and of course, the wedding.


Help plan the bachelor party:

As one of the groom’s last nights as an unmarried man, the bachelor party is an important event in the pre-wedding schedule. While it is traditionally the best man’s responsibility to plan the event, groomsmen often provide a helping hand. Assist the best man in whatever he needs to pull off an epic bachelor party. You might also be expected to assist financially, so keep that in mind.


The Big Day:

Support the groom:

The Big Day is bound to be stressful for the groom. As a groomsman, you’ll be tasked with keeping him calm throughout the day. Ease his nerves, give him pep talks when needed and make sure his look is complete before he steps out. If need be, take the lead and make sure all arrangements are organised, such as transport and liaising with photographers and caterers. This way, the groom has less to stress him out, allowing him to enjoy his Big Day.

Give a great speech:

While it is typically the best man’s job to give a speech, groomsmen can also be asked to say a few winged words. Give yourself enough time ahead of the wedding to write out a strong speech that highlights what makes the newly betrothed couple special.

Give a great gift:

By virtue of being in the wedding party, you should be close to the couple. As such, your gift should be personal to them. If you’re out of ideas, have a look at their wedding registry for inspiration.

Have fun!

Now that all the big things are done, you can enjoy yourself at the reception. It’s important that guests have a good time, because that’s part of what makes weddings memorable. Dance with everybody, get people talking and play games as you celebrate love.

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