Teacher surprises class in wedding dress

Teacher surprises class in wedding dress

The first time your loved ones see you in a wedding dress is always something special. One passionate kindergarten teacher, Kelsey Moeller, wanted to share the moment with her class at school.

“The kids got to see me in my dress before anyone else, including John or my dad. I have a very strong bond with my class and I absolutely love going to school,” she said to The Metro.

“When the kids saw me some of them didn’t know where to look and were all embarrassed, it was real cute.”

The children even painted Moeller a ‘wedding dress’ as a gift with all their names on.

“I’ve photographed first looks more times than I can count…….but this one! This one is special!” the photographer of Flying Pig Photography said on Instagram.

Take a look at how it all went down, and the adorable look on the kids’ faces when they see their teacher in her dress:


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I’ve photographed first looks more times than I can count…….but this one! This one is special! Kelsey teaches kindergarten at Hugh Goodwin Elementary. And what a lucky class they are! They were the very first to see her in her dress….before dad, before her groom. And let me tell you, these sweet kiddos came to school dressed for the part, with a special surprise of their own. You see, Kelsey’s mom, Jerri Beth Smith, was also a teacher in the El Dorado School District. She substitutes for her daughter when she’s out of the classroom. During a couple of those days, the children hand-painted a beautiful dress for their teacher. And they topped it off by throwing her a bridal shower after the reveal. Miss Smith insists none of the children gave away her surprise, and I believe it. These children were the most well-behaved and sweet children – even in an exciting time for them. These photos are even more special now. Less than two weeks after I photographed this sweet kindergarten class, school was suspended due to Covid-19. I know it was meant to be for all of these kiddos to share in the wedding of their teacher, even if it wasn’t possible for everyone to come to the ceremony! Kelsey and her mom created a special table at the wedding to honor her class – a banner of one of these special images, a display of the dress and coloring sheets made from a group photo of them all. I know she loves them as much as they love her <3 As of yesterday evening, it’s……… Goodbye, Miss Smith and Hello, Mrs. Moeller! But changing her name will never dull the memory created on this day. Memories with Miss Smith/Mrs. Moeller will always have a special place in their heart, because she shared hers with them <3 Wedding Dress | She Said Yes in the Heights Engagement Ring | Taylor Made Design & Jewelry Hair & Makeup | Karen Millican Surprise Crew | Mom, Friends and Staff of Hugh Goodwin Elementary School

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The wedding took place on May 30 at a cattle ranch in Arkansas. Even though social distancing measures had to be kept in place, it was a spectacular day.

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