Sweet double proposal at theme park goes viral

Sweet double proposal at theme park goes viral

A proposal is always a sweet moment, and when it goes perfectly, it can bring some serious tears of joy. This public proposal at a theme park really had people feeling the love, and has since gone viral.

In a video shared to social media, believed to have been filmed at Hopi Hari theme park in Brazil, a couple can be seenstanding on a flight of stairs when one of the men suddenly goes down on one knee and takes out a white box.

His partner stands in shock as the proposal ensues. Instead of responding, he walks away and rummages through his bag to pull out a white box of his own.

Clearly the pair are on the same wavelength, and secretly planned to propose to each other on the exact same day.

It is uncertain when the video was first shared, but it has since racked up a whopping 28-million views on social media. It went viral when it was reshared to Reddit, and the app’s users could not believe how romantic and sweet the moment was.

“This really is a testament to their love that they are literally on the same page at the same time,” wrote on Reddit user.

“That made me cry, too beautiful,” wrote another.

Picture: Screenshot from video

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