Strange places people have tied the knot

Strange places people have tied the knot

Your wedding day should be exactly what you want it to be. Whether its artsy or “uptight”, if it makes you happy then that’s all that matters! Some couples really take this advice to heart, having their weddings in all sorts of strange locations.

There are always some unusual weddings happening somewhere in the world.  Here are some of our favourite strange places where people have tied the knot:

– Abandoned train station 

On October 13, 2012 this couple got married at an abandoned train station in Michigan, USA. Robert Nixon and wife Myla, according to their Instagram page @deadsledbrand, are “a couple of hearse loving weirdos”.

It seems that the pair have a love for all things creepy, so their abandoned train station wedding must have been a mirror of their personalities.

– Whole Foods 

Jacqueline Aronson and her husband, Ross had their wedding at Whole Foods, an American supermarket which caters to healthy eaters by selling products free of hydrogenated fats, artificial colours and flavours, and preservatives.

It’s possible that the reason behind their supermarket wedding can be found in their engagement story… the big question (‘will you marry me?’) was asked in the flower aisle of a Whole Foods.

– Taco Bell

Dan Ryckert and his bride, Bianca, said “I do” in a Taco Bell in Las Vegas. The Mexican food chain is very popular in the US and this couple is probably one of thousands of couples who dreamed of tying the knot with tacos to follow.

We hope their love is as spicy as the food they enjoy!

– Gas station 

You’ve heard of public proposals, but we bet you’ve never seen a public wedding. There must have been tons of unknown onlookers, who perhaps hoped to fill their tanks, at these gas station nuptials.

A gas station wedding may not be for everyone, but these wedding-goers seem to be having a great time.

– The Apple Store 

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For some people, phones are very important in their lives. Your entire life is on that phone…right? This couple took their passion for their iPhones to the next level by getting hitched at an Apple Store. There is not much information about the couple online, despite their apparent love for technology.

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