Bride invites strangers to plan her wedding

Bride invites strangers to plan her wedding

There are few things in life people will not give unsolicited advice on. From the way you should wear your hair to how to raise a child, strangers are always willing to offload their opinions on someone listening with half an ear. Anyone who has been a bride has experienced the earache of such opinions. This bride decided to give all these strangers what they so deeply want by letting them plan her wedding to the last detail.

Jen Glantz is no stranger to the wedding world. She is a professional bridesmaid and founder of Bridesmaid for Hire, the world’s first and only company where strangers can hire a bridesmaid to fulfill all necessary wedding-related duties. After being the bridesmaid in countless weddings, her time has finally come to walk down the aisle as a bride.

Glantz was inspired to put her wedding in the public’s hands whilst getting a manicure. Her manicurist noticed her engagement ring and immediately began listing wedding advice. A few days later, Glantz’s new website, Finally the Bride, was born, inviting strangers the world over to vote in polls categorised to represent every aspect of her wedding.

“Finally the Bride is an interactive book, released chapter-by-chapter, where you’re a part of the story,” reads the site. “You can vote on Jen’s biggest wedding decisions, share tips that can end up in the book, perhaps even find yourself as a main character in one of the stories (cough, cough, become her bridesmaid).

Credit: Finally the Bride

On the 15th of every month, new polls will open up in which strangers can decide how Glantz should go about planning her big day. From where to go for her bachelorette to how much she can spend on her dress, every aspect of her wedding is open for debate.

She has even invited people to vote on what her biggest wedding challenge should be. Options include “get a celebrity who she’s never met before to come to the wedding” and “invite all the people she’s been a bridesmaid for in the past and get them to come to the wedding wearing the bridesmaid dress they made her wear”.

Credit: Finally the bride

Thus far, the public have decided that Glantz’s wedding budget must be between $15 000 – $30 000 and that she must get married in either July or October.

“When I check in on the results, I kind of panic a little bit, but then I think back to my commitment to this process,” Glantz told Insider. “I might have the most outrageous and most out-of-the-box wedding ever, and maybe the world is telling me, ‘Jen, this is what’s best for you.'”

Glantz hopes that this project encourages people to not sweat the small stuff and remember that a wedding does not make a marriage.

“In the end, our weddings signify two people coming together, plotting their future and everyone else around them, celebrating. That could be done in a warehouse. That can be done in a hotel banquet room. That can be done in your backyard. The meaning and the purpose still stay intact.”

Image: Instagram / Jen Glantz

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