SA wedding industry takes government to court

SA wedding industry takes government to court

The South African wedding industry has taken a hard knock amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Most vendors are unable to perform their services, meaning they don’t earn any money.

Current regulations stipulate that social gatherings and events, such as weddings are not allowed. People may marry at Home Affairs but cannot have a wedding in the traditional sense.

The Association of Wedding Professionals in South Africa is now taking government to court to reopen the industry.

“The amount of employment lost at the moment, the amount of businesses closing at the moment in the wedding industry is astronomical,” Jurie Smit of the Association said in an interview with eNCA. “We just can’t keep going on as it is at the moment.”

Smit argues that wedding venues with chapels can fall under the category of a religious institution, and venues that serve food can technically be considered restaurants, both of which are open to the public under Level 3 regulations.

He further argues that people are having their own intimate weddings at home, regardless of regulations banning social gatherings, and that in many cases people do not follow safety and health regulations.

He says that if they were to reopen the industry, vendors would follow social distancing and health measures.

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