6 DIY thank-you gifts that won't break the bank

6 DIY thank-you gifts that won’t break the bank

Getting the perfect thank-you gift for your wedding guest can be tricky. You want something that shows your appreciation but gifting a lot of people can end up being very costly. The best solution? Personalised DIY gifts that you can prepare months in advance!

1 Infused oil

Infuse cooking oil (olive oil is a favourite) with chillies or your favourite herbs for a yummy, flavourful salad dressing or base.

2 Spice mix


Mix various spices and place it in a jar to create your own flavoured rub or spice mixture that goes with your wedding’s theme.

3 Plant a tree


Give your guests the gift of nature with your favourite tree or plant seeds. This is a great way of helping the environment while showering your guests with a gift they can cherish.

4 Personalised fortune cookies


Buy ready-made fortune cookies from your closest Chinese wholesaler and fill it with personalised messages for your guests.

5 Sugar scrub


Add colouring and scented oils like peppermint to sugar. Allow it to soak and dry, then place it in a jar for an amazing sugar body scrub that tastes delicious too.

6 Jam jar


Preserve your favourite fruits to create a tasty jam – your guests will remember you with every bite.

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