Pros and cons of a wedding planner

Pros and cons of a wedding planner

Planning a wedding can be time-consuming and very stressful. This is why many soon-to-wed couples opt for a wedding planner. Someone who can take control and sort out all the details regarding their wedding. Before deciding it’s important to know the pros and cons of a wedding planner.



Planning anything can be stressful so one can only imagine how hectic things can get when it’s time to start cracking on your wedding. One of the great things about a wedding planner is a lot of that stress is eliminated. It’s their job to plan and sort everything out, so this is your chance to sit back and relax.


Since your wedding planner is in the business, they obviously know quite a few people, which means connections. They’re able to obtain deals and specials from their contacts.


They are the professionals here so they know exactly what needs to be done. They’ve planned a few weddings and are aware of basics that need to be covered and extras that you as an amateur might have forgotten.

Enjoy YOUR day

We all know how things go down on the day of any event. It’s chaotic and everyone is running around like headless chickens trying to put finishing touches on things. Having a wedding planner allows you to enjoy yourself on your day. You won’t have to worry about the caterers knowing where to go and if the band got the playlist. That’s all for your wedding planner.


Extra expense

You’ll have to pay for your wedding planner which is an extra expense. It’ll be another cost added to your very long list.

Lack of personal touch

This will obviously be someone else’s work. It’ll have their personal touch and style incorporated. That means that there’s a chance that your wedding may not feel like yours and your partners. This happens often especially when couples aren’t very involved in the planning.

Hand over some control 

You’ve hired someone to plan your wedding so you’re going to have to let go a little bit. As hard as it may be for some, you have to understand that your planner is going to have a lot of control over your wedding day. You may want something and they may advise against it, since they’re the professional, you may have to give in.

After evaluating the pros and cons of a wedding planner, the choice is ultimately yours. Wedding planners are great for couples that are very busy or maybe don’t know how to go about planning a wedding. For someone who loves to plan and knows a lot about weddings, it may be a bit more troublesome. With that being said, you can always communicate with your wedding planner and discuss your needs and desires. You’ll find that a lot of them are very accommodating.

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