How to plan your outfit when attending a wedding

How to plan your outfit when attending a wedding

With the constant evolution of wedding themes, trends and styles, picking an appropriate and stylish wedding outfit can seem like a challenging task. But with more modern traditions coming into place, there are plenty of options for the perfect wedding guest attire.

Before you pull an outfit out of your closet, there are a few key things to consider.

Embrace the season

Whether it’s spring, summer, winter or autumn, match your outfit to the season. Florals are beautiful for spring, while bright colours are better suited to summer, and darker shades for winter. Of course, you’ll want to layer up and wear thicker fabrics if attending a winter wedding, whereas light, flowy fabrics are ideal for a hot summer event.

Location, location, location:

Stiletto heels are not ideal for a beach wedding and a casual summer dress will seem out of place at a grand hotel. The location of the wedding will let you know the type of vibe you can go for. Remember, a chilled backyard party is very different from a glamorous estate so choose wisely.

Follow the dress code:

The easiest way to know what to wear to a wedding is to follow the dress code. From casual or semi-formal to black tie, this stipulation will give you clear guidelines on the type of outfit you may choose. It’s important to follow the bridal couple’s wishes, so make sure to stick to their plan to fit into the environment.

Prioritise comfort:

There’s nothing worse than finding blisters all over your feet at the end of the evening from your uncomfortable shoes, or constantly having to rearrange your dress so that it doesn’t slip down/up/off! Before you decide on an outfit, make sure you can walk, dance, sit and be comfortable in your outfit.

Do not wear white:

White is reserved for the bride on her big day. Unless it’s been stipulated in the wedding invitation that the dress code is white, this colour is out of bounds for anyone not tying the knot. Close shades like cream are also frowned upon.

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