Post-summer tips for renewed and recharged hair

Post-summer tips for renewed and recharged hair

It’s most likely that we all went through a little phase where we neglected our hair this past summer. Read on to find out how you can undo the damage.

1. Get a trim

If your hair is splitting and breaking off, or even shedding more than it usually would, it’s time for a decent trim. Broken, extremely fragile hair is often a result of irreversible damage and cannot be repaired, no matter how many treatments you do! There’s no point in holding on to dead ends, so take the plunge and snip off as much of the damage as possible to give your hair the best chance of repairing and growing out even stronger.

2. Avoid chemicals

As tempting as it may be to dive in to a fresh batch of bleach, there’s a much easier way to recharge blonde tones until your next salon visit. The Wella Invigo Blonde Recharge Shampoo uses cool tones of violet to brighten and add vibrancy to coloured blonde hair. It helps to eliminate the all-familiar yellow, brassy tones blondes experience after one too many pool dips and not enough moisture.

3. Boost your colour

Going darker is often the solution to help hair look a little healthier and to revive its overall glossy appearance. By adding darker and warmer tones to your hair, it will help to neutralise brassy tones without compromising on shine. Aftercare is important too, to keep the colour from fading and to help replenish your stands with every wash. At-home treatments that mimic those used in salons can extend your colour for weeks on end and maintain than just-came-from-the-salon look. Wella’s Invigo Color Brilliance range does just that, consisting of a shampoo, conditioner, mask and BB spray, completing your entire routine with one fell swoop.

4. Avoid unnecessary damage

Whether it’s a tight undo, an everyday ponytail or extra brushing and untangling of windswept hair, there’s no denying that our hair goes through more mechanical damage in summer than in winter. Try to only brush hair on wash days, with the help of a wide-toothed comb, a detangling product or some extra conditioner. You can also wrap your hair in a silk or satin scarf to help avoid hair knotting while sleeping, and making use of scrunchies or anti-snag hair ties.

5. Restore

You’ll know your hair is damaged when it feels rough and has a lacklustre appearance, especially if it’s longer and has been exposed to more wear and tear with every summer. A deeply hydrating, reparative treatment will help to plump up the follicles and restore some elasticity to brittle and dehydrated hair. The Wella Invigo Nutri-Enrich range is a trusted solution and a go-to for all hair types that suffer from post-summer damage. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it replenishes stressed locks by using the nourishing powers of Oleic Acid and Panthenol, along with strengthening peptides found in Goji Berry.

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