Piers Morgan claims he is 'technically married' to Paris Hilton

Piers Morgan claims he is ‘technically married’ to Paris Hilton

In even more bizarre news for 2020, British broadcaster Piers Morgan claims he is married to Paris Hilton.

During an episode of Good Morning Britain on Tuesday, the TV anchor explained that back in 2009, he ran a segment on the show about how easy it is to get married in Las Vegas. To truly hammer the message home, he said ‘I do’ to heiress Paris Hilton.

“She’s still my wife technically. We got married in Vegas for a TV show. True story, there’s video of it,” he said during the show. “We had an Elvis lookalike, a Frank Sinatra lookalike, a Marilyn Monroe lookalike. She wore a beautiful bridal gown, brought a dog with her, I got to kiss the bride, we exchanged rings.”

The wedding was not legally binding, however, as Morgan was already married to his first wife Marion Shalloe.

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